Skin care to make your skin "moist and beautiful" in winter

Winter is coming, and it's a harsh time for the skin, with cold outside air and dry air from the heating system. Here are some tips from beauty experts on how to keep your skin moisturized and beautiful even in winter! Here are some skincare tips to make your skin radiant and beautiful in the face of winter dryness.

Are you changing your skincare routine?

Beauty professionals always say that there is a skincare routine for summer and a skincare routine for winter. Rachel Nazarian, an American dermatologist, told the American media outlet Well and Good that "skin care should be changed according to the season.

Indeed, it is natural that skincare should be different in winter when the air is dry and in summer when the humidity is high. It's important to have a winter skincare routine that includes a change of clothes, a change of items, and a change of routine for winter.

Take advantage of moisturizing time during sleep

Dr. Rachel advises that winter is the time when the skin is exposed to dry air during the day, so it is important to take care of the skin during sleep.

"During the winter, she recommends using special products such as overnight creams to keep your skin moisturized while you sleep.

Rethink face washing and cleansing

Dr. Rachel says that we should be more careful about washing and cleansing our face during the winter months, as it can wash away the sebum that is essential for skin moisture. It is important to choose products that contain high moisturizing ingredients.

Change your skincare regimen little by little

Switching to a winter skincare routine is important, but for the sake of your skin, it's important to do it gradually. Anjali Maat, a dermatologist who works as a skincare consultant in the U.K., advises that using too many skincare products at once can cause skin irritation and dryness.

It's safer to switch from one product to another in a routine, trying one product at a time while monitoring your skin's condition.

In the winter, moisture is rapidly escaping from the skin. Take a look at the skincare tips from the pros and get over this winter with beautiful skin.


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