Skincare routine for winter

During the cold season, our skin tends to become flaky and dry, and with the air conditioning in the room, even people who don't normally feel dry can easily feel the dryness. However, there may be people who are concerned about dryness but use the same skincare routine all season long. This is why the professionals recommend moisturizing care for the winter season.

Moisturize with a different menu for winter skincare

As the air gets drier in winter, dry skin becomes a problem. Many people take measures such as using a humidifier, but their skincare routine is the same all year round.

Megan Lanoue, a New York-based makeup artist who works with celebrities, told the American media Makeup that even if she moisturizes her entire face well, her skin reacts differently in winter than in other seasons, with some parts of her face, such as around her eyes, becoming dry.

Take special cosmetics for the eye area

First of all, Megan mentioned that the area around her eyes needs special care. She commented on the reason why the eye area gets dry in winter, saying, "The reason is that the eye area is the hardest part of the face to keep moisture, and it stays drier than the rest of the face and most of the body.

The skin around the eyes is thin and does not retain moisture well, and since it is often moved, dryness and wrinkles are easily visible. To deal with this, Megan said, "It's very important to apply eye cream to the eye area," and advised the introduction of skin care cosmetics specifically for the eye area.

Unlike creams that are used for the entire face, eye creams are designed to deliver active ingredients and moisture to the thin skin around the eyes. Therefore, even if you don't normally use eye creams, it is recommended to incorporate them during this season.

Remove dry, dead skin cells

You may also feel dryness in areas that are usually hard to dry, such as your forehead and chin. If you are applying a lot of moisturizer such as oil, and the surface of your skin is glisteningly moist, but you still feel dry, I recommend exfoliating.

Megan says, "Exfoliation and moisturizing are the keys to moisturized, glowing, beautiful skin. Exfoliation removes old, dry cells from the surface of the skin," she said, explaining that dry, dead skin cells can cause skin dryness.

As for the benefits of exfoliating, she said, "When your skin is exfoliated and moisturized, it looks good without makeup and makeup goes on more easily.

Increase the frequency of face masks

Megan's tips for moisturizing skin in winter are to "use masks more often than usual" and to use sheet masks and moisturizing masks more often than in other seasons.

She also revealed her own method of applying masks, saying, "I sometimes use two layers of masks, or even eye gel or lip gel. Even if you have a habit of using masks once a week, it would be a good idea to reevaluate the number of times you use them during the winter while monitoring the condition of your skin.

Why don't you try winter skincare to get moist skin that will not be affected by dryness?