The "CBD Skincare" Trend is in Full Swing

One of the most important skincare trends for 2020 is CBD skincare. Cosmetics that incorporate CBD (cannabidiol), an ingredient extracted from cannabis, are rapidly gaining popularity overseas, and are finally being commercialized here in Japan. Here are some of the CBD products that have been recommended by overseas experts who were among the first to take notice.

More than just oil! A deeper look at CBD skincare

CBD (cannabidiol) skincare has become a major trend in the U.S. and Europe, with many celebrities using CBD skincare products, and there are now brands and specialty stores that sell only CBD skincare products. CBD skincare is now a major trend in the US and Europe. The wave of CBD skincare has arrived in Japan.

Recently, CBD skincare products have been introduced by Japanese skincare brands. CBD skincare is slowly gaining attention among beauty lovers in Japan, and is expected to become even more popular in the future.

Overseas, where CBD skincare has already become a trend, there are a variety of products other than the standard oil, but which ones are the most effective? Check out what the experts recommend!

Herbivore botanicals "Emerald CBD Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil

One of the most popular types of CBD skincare products is the oil type. Anja Charbonneau, the founder of broccoli, a media outlet that provides information on CBD, recommends Herbivore botanicals' Emerald CBD Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil, a brand that focuses on natural ingredients. Moisture Glow Oil" from Herbivore botanicals, a brand that focuses on natural ingredients.

This oil contains not only CBD but also adaptogens together, which helps to calm skin inflammation while also increasing the skin's resistance to environmental stress. Anja commented on her experience using the product in the U.S. media, the strategist, saying, "I like the way it improves clogged pores and the hypoallergenic feel that makes it easy to use even on sensitive skin. I love it so much that I keep buying this product over and over again.

Isodiol Cannaceuticals "Repairing Night Cream

Dr. Janet Jakunin, a dermatologist who specializes in CBD skincare research, recommends a night cream that contains CBD to help keep your skin healthy while you sleep. Dr. Janet Jakunin, a dermatologist specializing in CBD skin care research, recommends Repairing Night Cream from Isodiol Cannaceuticals, a brand that specializes in CBD cosmetics.

About this night cream, Dr. Jakunin said, "It's a really high quality and safe product, so you can use it with confidence." She explained that in addition to CBD, it contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E, which help the skin to recover from fatigue and provide moisture.

cannuka "Moisturizing Skin Balm".

The balm type is recommended for those who want to moisturize well. Verena Fomp-Fetten, founder of Gossamer, a lifestyle media company that offers a wide range of information on safe CBD skincare products, introduced a face balm that contains CBD oil, as well as the "Moisturizing Skin Balm" from cannuka, a brand that offers skincare products containing CBD and manuka honey. Moisturizing Skin Balm" from cannuka, a brand that offers skincare products containing CBD and manuka honey, is her top recommendation.

This face balm features excellent moisturizing and soothing properties. Verena said, "cannuka's face balm is a dream come true for people with dry skin," praising its amazing moisturizing effects, especially when used when dryness is a concern.

Be careful of ingredients when using CBD skincare

The three products recommended by the CBD experts are also CBD-infused skincare products, but they all have different reputed benefits. When trying out a CBD skincare product, be sure to check out what other ingredients are in the product to see if it addresses your skin's needs.

Also, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, any CBD product that is extracted or manufactured from any part of the cannabis plant other than the mature stems or seeds (leaves, flower heads, branches, roots, etc.) falls under the category of "cannabis", so be sure to check with a reputable manufacturer or distributor before purchasing CBD oil.

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